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Adolf Lorenz Lab for Biomechanics

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Our mission

The Adolf Lorenz Lab for Biomechanics, formerly known as the Adolf Lorenz Laboratory of Experimental Orthopedic Surgery, emerged in 2013 with a visionary purpose: to establish an in-house testing facility dedicated to the mechanical evaluation of implants and surgical techniques in the field of orthopedics. Since its inception, the Lab has thrived and expanded its research endeavors through the combined dedication of engineering and medical professionals and students. The Lab's success lies in its ability to foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange between engineering and medical professionals. By bridging these disciplines, the Adolf Lorenz Lab has provided answers and solutions to many questions and challenges faced by the Department’s own medical professionals, aiming to ultimately improve patient outcomes and enhance the practice of orthopedics and trauma surgery.


Biomechanics is the field of study that examines the movement and deformation of biological systems, as well as the forces involved, by integrating principles, methods, and laws from mechanics, anatomy, and physiology. In contemporary research, biomechanics has evolved into a multidisciplinary field that encompasses expertise from medicine, engineering, and medical technology.

In the realm of orthopedics and trauma surgery, biomechanics plays a crucial role in the design and optimization of implants, medical devices, and treatment methods. It also aids in the prediction and prevention of tissue or structural damage, such as bone fractures, and enables the qualitative and quantitative assessment of the mechanical behavior of tissue-device systems, such as the interaction between bone and implants.

Adolf Lorenz Lab of Biomechanics

Head: Emir Benca, PhD
Department of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery
Medical University of Vienna
Währinger Gürtel 18-20
1090 Vienna
T: +43 (0)1 40400-40980