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Karl Chiari Lab for Orthopaedic Biology

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Mission statement

The overall goal of the Karl Chiari Lab for Orthopaedic Biology is to elucidate the biological mechanisms underlying orthopaedic diseases and to develop novel prevention and therapy strategies.

Research fields range from orthopaedic tumors to degenerative joint diseases, with a clear focus on osteoarthritis, and include diverse topics such as glycobiology, stem cells, differentiation, inflammatory signaling, and mechanobiology.

We address scientific challenges in the field of orthopaedic biology using a multidisciplinary approach with techniques from molecular cell biology, biochemistry, imaging, and tissue engineering.

The Karl Chiari Lab for Orthopaedic Biology aims at increasing the knowledge on the fundamentals of orthopaedic biology and at transferring this knowledge to students and the scientific community, as well as to clinical practice.