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Patient Information

Patients with both minor and severe injuries are treated around the clock, whether they arrive independently at the emergency department for fresh injuries or are transported by ambulance or helicopter. A modern trauma room allows for early diagnosis and interdisciplinary treatment for severely injured patients.

Daily, acute and planned surgeries are performed in up to five operating rooms, and non-operative treatments such as casting or splinting are provided. Post-treatment is carried out in close collaboration with colleagues in physiotherapy, physical medicine, and occupational therapy.

Since 1992, the General Hospital Vienna has annually cared for an average of 46,500 patients with fresh injuries, including 6,500 admitted for inpatient care. In 2019, there were even 71,216 initial emergency department visits, 51,452 follow-up visits, and 566 shock room patients. As a result, our department ranks among the largest trauma departments in Austria.

Emergency Department for Fresh Injuries

7 days a week, 00:00 to 24:00

Level 6, Station 6C