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Lab equipment

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858 MiniBionix II

858 MiniBionix is s a tabel-top hydraulic axial and torsional testing system that is able to run static and dynamic material tests up to 10 kN and 150 Nm.


The zwickiLine is a table-top testing machine used for material and biomechanical testing. Equipped with a 500 N and a 2,500 N force as well as a 2 Nm torque transducer, zwickLine allows for highly-accurate biomechanical testing of small bones (i.e. hand and foot or rat and mouse bones) and soft tissues.

ZHN Nanoindenter

The ZHN nanoindenter (Zwick/Roell) is used for comprehensive mechanical characterization of thin layers, materials and tissues. With its 2 N force unit it allows quick determination of mechanical properties of (small) bones and soft tissues, such as hardness or Young’s modulus at a resolution ≤ 0.02 µN (force measurement) and ≤ 0.002 nm (displacement measurement).

ARAMIS SRX 3D Camera System

ARAMIS SRX is a high-resolution 3D camera system for full-field and point-based measurements.


The Lab has software for

  • CAD design (SolidWorks, AutoCAD)
  • processing and analysis of medical image data (Materialise Mimics (incl. med. licence), Materialise 3-Matic (incl. med. licence), Dragonfly, medtool)
  • statistical analysis (SPSS)
  • data processing (MatLab, Python)

This software portfolio is constantly being expanded.